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Bill Dankmeyer
Owner: Bill Dankmeyer
Phone: 443-880-3501

About Us

Owned by Bill Dankmeyer, our goal at EarthWin Optical is to produce affordable, professional quality binoviewing systems that are easy to operate in all types of telescope designs. With 15 years experience in binoviewer design and co-holder of the patented Power X Switch, we are proud to bring to the astronomy community innovative and versatile systems to help today visual astronomer enjoy the comfort of observing with two eyes.

Our ll in One Power/Filter Slide features the Patented Power Switch integrated with our uniquely designed filter slide, giving the user convenience and ease of control through all functions, while using either a binoviewer or single eyepiece. Our new and improved dioptor design is self-centering,very smooth with high accuracy and standard equipment on all our binoviewers. Each EarthWin binoviewer system is made to order by Bill Dankmeyer from start to finish and backed by our excellent customer service record.

Product technical support is just a phone call away. We think you’ll spend more quality time at your scope and come away with a feeling of satisfaction...guaranteed! We look forward to having you as a customer.


My interest in binoviewing came during the arrival of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 and found myself dissecting every unit I bought to learn how they worked. By nature, mechanical instinct pushed me to modify and tweak the existing designs to bring out better performance both mechanically and optically. Owning a 20 F/5 dob, I was a dedicated deep sky observer and rarely viewed the bright moon. Binoviewing changed all that with the fact that viewing with two eyes was definitely more comfortable than mono so therefore I observed longer and noticed more detail.

Shortly after modifying units for several fellow amateur astronomers, together with a partner, Denkmeier Optical was born and a whole new generation of binoviewing equipment took the astronomy market by storm. (We changed two letters in my name, but is still pronounced the same).

With innovative ideas such as the patented modular OCS ( Optical Corrector System) and the patented Power Switch System, binoviewing popularity soared. Bringing a binoviewer to focus at low power and also having the ability to adapt to various different telescope designs brought what was once considered a novelty item to becoming an important piece of equipment in many observers arsenal.

After five successful years it was time to leave Denkmeier and form my own company "EarthWin Binoviewers". Now I could pursue new, innovative designs and techniques that would take the binoviewing experience of quality and convenience to new heights. We continue to improve our existing systems and move forward with developing new ideas for tomorrow's binoviewing astronomer.

Two Eyes to the Sky,

Bill Dankmeyer

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions about our products.
Monday-Saturday 9am- 9pm EST.

EarthWin Optical LLC
12417 Ocean Gateway Suite# 33 D
Ocean City, MD 21842

Binoviewing made simple!

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