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Newtonian Power/Filter Slide System SCT & Refractor Power/Filter Slide System Single Eyepiece Power/Filter Slide System
    Newtonian Binoviewer System SCT & Refractor Binoviewer System Single Eyepiece Power/Filter Slide System

*EarthWin Binoviewer Systems*
EarthWin has relocated to our new shop and we are up and running. As with many companies in the astronomy accessory business, EarthWin Optical is a part-time operation. We still guarantee quick turn-around times from placement of orders to shipping, as has always been experienced by our customers. Phone messages and emails are checked frequently throughout the day. We may not be immediately available to take your call, but leaving a detailed message with return phone number or email address will garner a quick response. You can reach us via email at or phone us at 443-880-3501 and we'll be happy to assist you! Also see our Special Promotions page for details of all our services and other promotions".

             What our customers are saying about EarthWin Binoviewers:

“My interest was peaked by the EarthWin binoviewer because of its price point and the integrated filter and power slide.”

“I really like my EarthWin Binoviewers and have zero issues with them. Great for the price.”

“I’ve been in this hobby less than 2 years but was won over quickly with BVs due to ease of use and lack of eye strain. I can observe longer at targets and absorb more as a result. My EarthWin works great. ”

“I bought one of the earliest EarthWin binos last year for our CPC 925 and it’s among our best purchases yet.”

“Bill Dankmeyer didn’t even snicker when I mentioned I was using these Plossls. In fact, he said he likes to use Plossls to demonstrate how the EarthWins don’t require expensive EPs to produce great views.”

“The power & filter switches are a joy to use”

“We've offered views to all ages from 6 to 70+ and nobody has complained of double images. With single EP viewing, we always seem to have a few folks who complain they can't see see the target--the binos cured that instantly.”

“I would absolutely buy the EarthWins again and I've already recommended them to several astro-buddies.”

“Bill was extremely helpful and spent considerable time with me on the phone making sure I received just what I wanted.”

“Over a span of 3 hours I spied numerous deep sky objects and double stars with a clarity I have not experienced before.”

“The real bonus was that for the first time my wife enjoyed the views as well, easily adjusting the bino each time she took her turn at the eyepieces.”

                                          We look forward to you being our next satisfied customer!
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EarthWin Optical LLC
12417 Ocean Gateway Suite# 33 D
Ocean City, MD 21842

Binoviewing made simple!

| Earthwin Newtonian Binoviewer Power/Filter Slide System | Earthwin SCT & Refractor Diagonal Binoviewer Power/Filter Slide System |
| Earthwin Single Eyepiece Power/Filter Slide System |

Last Updated September 30th, 2014
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